A reading of elaine hatfields equity theory and research an overview

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Elaine Hatfield

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Hatfield, E, Rapson, R. Stake Fernando Pessoa Press.

Elaine C. Hatfield

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Equity - Overview Of Equity Theory

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A reading of elaine hatfields equity theory and research an overview

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The behavioral psychologist, John Stacey Adams, developed a useful model for explaining why employee perceptions about fairness matters. Equity Theory (Adam's Equity Theory) explains the thought process an employee uses to determine the fairness of management decision making.

Describes a general theory of social behavior-equity theory-consisting of 4 propositions designed to predict when individuals will perceive that they are justly treated and how they will react when they find themselves enmeshed in unjust relationships.

Research conducted to test equity theory is summarized. Hatfield received her BA in Psychology and English in from the University of Michigan and her PhD from Stanford University in Career. Relationship science was Hatfield's first professional research focus, beginning at the foundation of her career in the s with an emphasis on human attraction and the nature of romantic love.

A reading of elaine hatfields equity theory and research an overview
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Equity Theory – Why Employee Perceptions About Fairness Matter