A study of americans and their lifestyle

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Americans waste, throw away nearly half their food: study

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‘Mind boggling’: Study shows less than 3% of Americans have ‘healthy lifestyle’

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According to the study, about half of Millennial respondents have at least three cards, and 19 percent plan on using them to buy big ticket items such as a new car.

37 percent of this group. Results from the study indicate that water conservation efforts are a key priority for Americans, with more than half of consumers (55 percent) and experts (60 percent) saying they think about their water usage on a daily basis.

Jul 06,  · Contrary to popular belief, Americans aren’t having fewer children because they’re selfish. Or because they would rather own pets. According to a new study. Looking ahead just toAfrican Americans are more optimistic than Caucasian Americans and Asian Americans, and are equally optimistic as Latino Americans: 34 percent of African Americans project their financial situation will get much better in The study also underscores the fact that while overall cancer death rates are affected by advances in cancer treatment, much of the disparities in death rates might be attributable to issues outside of treatment, such as smoking and obesity, the researchers said.

In a study, 52% of Americans (that were polled) believed doing their taxes was easier than figuring out how to eat healthy. At least 1 in 4 people eat some type of fast food every day.

A study of americans and their lifestyle
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Study: 62% of jobs don’t allow Americans to live middle class lifestyle