A study of the reliability of eyewitnesses

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Eyewitness Testimony

Loftus, E. F., & Palmer, J. C. (). Reconstruction of automobile destruction: An example of the interaction between language and redoakpta.coml of verbal learning and verbal behavior, 13(5), This is the classic cognitive psychology study which you will look at for your H AS OCR Psychology exam.

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Eyewitness testimony can make a deep impression on a jury, which is often exclusively assigned the role of sorting out credibility issues and making judgments about the truth of witness statements. 1 Perjury is a crime, because lying under oath can subvert the integrity.

A new study of the data says it depends on timing. To the swelling chorus of activists and researchers who argue that eyewitness testimony is both fundamentally unreliable and over-relied upon, the Cotton case is a prime example of what can go tragically wrong when court cases hinge on human recollection.

Eyewitness memory A study of the reliability of eyewitnesses
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