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Gallup study shows strong alumni outcomes for St. Mike's

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Alumni Study Reveal

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Alumni Attitude Study Results

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The Harvard Alumni Study was one of the first epidemiologic studies to examine the relationship between physical activity and incidence of heart attack. The study commenced in with questionnaires sent to a large cohort of college-educated men.

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The Dawson Academy Alumni Association Your Invitation To Join a Unique Group of Like-Minded Professionals. For many, The Dawson Academy becomes more than just a place to get CE credits. The listings will be prioritized by the seven levels of membership: faculty, study club leader, study club member, all access member, scholar, founding.

Harvard alumni health study

Saint Michael’s Alumni Outcomes Surpass Comparison Groups. Results from a recent study of Saint Michael's College alumni show that they exceed their peers from other institutions in nearly all elements of well-being and workplace engagement.

More than universities and associations have used the Alumni Attitude Study to increase alumni engagement. No other market research program offers this breadth of alumni data, depth of statistical analysis, and actionable findings.

Alumni study
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UNC Alumni Heart Study