Case studies of micromax mobiles

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SAR values

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Check IMEI. Phone Finder - find stolen or lost phone by IMEI or number. Discuss the importance of product design and development process for an organization keeping in view the case of Micromax Mobile.

Product development is the process of creating a new product to be sold by a business or enterprise to its customers. But Micromax mobiles are available atvery low rates and that too loaded with all these features.

This is a branded phone andcompetes with established redoakpta.comes like dual sim, long lasting battery and QWERTY keypads at low prices havemade Micromax successful particularly in rural India. A case study on Micromax’s Mobile Marketing Strategies – How did it Become Big in Indian Market January 31, ~ Deepesh Singh I had been thinking about this topic from last one year but could not able to put my thoughts till this evening.

The main objective of this campaign was to build excitement around the new upcoming product – Micromax Canvas Turbo & promoting Hugh Jackman’s association with Micromax Mobile. The other objective was also to generate, sustain and amplify the fans interest for the upcoming device.

A case study on Micromax’s Mobile Marketing Strategies – How did it Become Big in Indian Market

The teaser. It sells more than 1 million mobiles every month. By offering a product line ranging from mobile phones to LED televisions, tablets and data cards, Micromax became the largest Indian mobile company that almost cannibalized the market leader Nokia.

Case studies of micromax mobiles
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