Coca cola india csr case study

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Is Coke Cola using Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to increase their brand image and profit ?

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Coca-Cola: A Case Study In Sustainability

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Coca-Cola India's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

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On June 15thSan Minister Mr. Discover a case study of Coca Cola India in which how they turns their corporate social irresponsibility/issue into corporate social responsibility that give benefits to parties around where Coca Cola India operates their factories.

Coca-Cola was criticized for over-exploiting and polluting water resources in India. Apple, Canon and Walmart were involved in social CSR issues. Walmart was caught using child labour in Bangladesh and has faced gender discrimination charges. In this case study we look at the goals, implementation, and progress of the programs put in place by this $20 billion food and beverage giant.

Coca-Cola Marketing Case Study

Coca-Cola ‘ssquare foot facility in Brampton houses the plant, management team, and warehouse. To download Coca-Cola India's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy case study (Case Code: BECG) click on the button below, and select the case from the list of available cases: OR Buy With PayPal.

Coca-Cola India's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Case against Coca-Cola Kerala State: India In a number of districts of India, Coca Cola and its subsidiaries are accused of creating severe water shortages for the community by extracting large quantities of water for their factories, affecting both.

This case is about Coca-Cola's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in details the activities taken up by Coca-Cola India's.

Coca cola india csr case study
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Case against Coca-Cola Kerala State: India « Rights to Water and Sanitation