Industrial disputes act case studies

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Right to strike under Industrial Dispute Act, 1947

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Case studies

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Constitutional Cases. STUDY. PLAY. Coleman v Power () CLR 1 Issue: Engineer&#;s Case redux - did the Commonwealth Power under s51 (xxxv) (the power to arbitrate industrial disputes) extend to passing an Act targeting a trade union dispute occurring entirely within Queensland?

Held: No, this would go beyond the powers of the. ICSI CS Executive New Syllabus Study Material Module 1 Paper 2 Company Law (Max Marks ) Objective: To impart expert knowledge, acquaintance and familiarity with various provisions of the Companies Act, its schedules, rules, notifications, circulars including case.

Implementation of the Minimu m Wages Act, - Case Study of India Ms. A. Srija Abstract-One of the earliest labour legislations in India, the Minimum Wages Act was enacted in immediately after India attained Independence. But even today a large section of the workforce remains outside the purview of the Minimum Wages Act.

Under the Industrial Dispute Act, the ground and condition are laid down for the legal strike and if those provisions and conditions are not fulfilled then the strike will be illegal. Provision of valid strike under the Industrial Dispute Act, ID ACT AMENDMENT * Enhancement of wage ceiling of a workman from Rs.

/- pm to Rs. /- pm under section 2(s) of the Act * Direct access for the workman to the Labour Court or Tribunal in case of disputes arising out of section 2A of the Act.

Industrial disputes act case studies
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