Milgram behavioural study of obedience

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Obedience (human behavior)

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Behavioural Study of Obedience

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The cognates were told that their reaction was very, another measure taken to help they left the experiment without consulting discomfort. Milgram’s findings have been replicated in a variety of cultures and most lead to the same conclusions as Milgram’s original study and in some cases see higher obedience rates.

Second, in his obedience studies, Milgram obtained a rare kind of result-one that people can apply to themselves to change their behavior, or at least to gain greater insight into themselves. Countless people who have learned about the obedience research have been better able to stand up against arbitrary or unjust authority.

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Nov 15,  · Milgram () Behavioural Study of Obedience November 15, November 23, / alevelpsychologycie Obedience: Complying with or deferring to. Milgram, Stanley ().

The Milgram Experiment

Behavioural Study of Obedience. Background. C.P. Snow () noted that ‘when you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion. The rates of obedience were very similar to those found in the Milgram study, showing that participants' tendency to obey has not declined over time.

Additionally, Burger found that both genders exhibited similar behavior, suggesting that obedience will occur in participants independent of gender.

The Milgram Experiment Milgram behavioural study of obedience
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