Monographic study

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Monographic Use Study

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Micro-Monographic studies

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Monographic Studies of the Nectriaceae

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Monographic Studies of the Nectriaceae

Monographic definition, a treatise on a particular subject, as a biographical study or study of the works of one artist. See more. MONOGRAPHIC STUDIES OF THE NECTRIACEAE (HYPOCREALES, ASCOMYCOTA): NECTRIA, NEONECTRIA, AND COSMOSPORA This study will define the taxonomy of three major genera of the Nectriaceae: Nectria, Cosmospora, and genera are significant because they include several species that are widespread plant pathogens and potential biological control agents of insects.

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The Monographic Use Study is an analysis of 10 years of use of the monograph collection at the NCSU Libraries.

Monographic study
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