Organization study at sarathy motors kollam

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Maruti Suzuki Service Center, Punalur, Kollam

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2010 Publications Resulting from the Use of NERSC Resources

This is an evening of celebration of the HR function. potentials in a professional organization which will in turn add value to the organization.

A study on Indian commodity market and the factors affecting Carried out industrial visit to Toyota Kirloskar Motors Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore and KEL, Kollam. Certification. Passed the Tally Financial Accounting Certification and Recognized as a Tally.

kollam, pathanamthitta, karunagappally,kayamkulam & regional workshop mavelikkara Responsibile to maintain the statistical requirements of 18 depots comes under the workshop and maintain the production capacity of spares required to keep the on road position steady in zone II of the Service Center Supervisor at.

Contact details, email and telephone number of authorised Maruti Suzuki Kollam workshop and service centers. You may also contact Kollam Maruti Suzuki dealer for more information. Undertook a project in the HR department of INDUS MOTORS, Kozhikode on the topic Training and Critical Skill Mapping based on Four Quadrant Model.

ORGANIZATIONAL STUDY The organizational study was done at KottakkalAryaVaidyaSala, Kerala. Sarathy Autocars, Pallimukku, Kollam Tel: -Fax: - E-mail: [email protected]

Organization study at sarathy motors kollam
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