Peace studies

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Peace Studies

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The History and Peace Studies doctoral program at the University of Notre Dame equips students with the analytical and conceptual tools of history to address these questions and related questions of. In order to obtain their M.A. degree in Peace Studies, students need to successfully complete the following courses: Fall Semester Each course is worth 3 credits PST Religion and Empires I PST.

2. What does peace look and feel like? 3. Are peacekeeping strategies such as non-violent social action always the best approach for addressing.

The peace studies program offers a major and minor which encourage students to analyze the sources of social conflict and explore the potential for the nonviolent resolution of such strife.

The Peace Studies minor can complement virtually any major, ranging from American studies to public health. Related majors may include, but are not limited to, anthropology, economics, environmental studies, history, international affairs, journalism, Judaic studies, Middle East studies, political science, philosophy, religion, sociology and women’s studies.

Research in Peace Studies. cr.

Peace Studies

hrs. Students engage in original research, intensive study and/or critical discussion under the close guidance of a professor who is generally an expert in the field.

Peace studies
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