Preliminary legal studies notes the legal

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Band 6-ify Your HSC Legal Studies Extended Responses

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Legal Studies

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Legal Studies - HSC

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Forehead us a description on Facebook pro:. Legal Studies Revision Law: 1. A set of rules imposed on all members of a community 2. A set of rules imposed on all members of a community 2.

Officially recognised, bound and enforced by persons or organisations like the police / courts Preliminary Legal Studies Notes Part I: The legal system Law: a set of rules imposed on all members of a community which are officially recognised, binding and enforceable by persons or organisations such as the police and/or courts Values: principles, standards, or qualities considered worthwhile or desirable within a society Rules: regulations or.

· Preliminary Legal Studies 7 The significance of land and bodies of water to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies The land is central to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, forming the basis  · Deep down, I feel like you could do the legal studies HSC course without having done preliminary.

But it would be, really, really, really, really hard. You build so many great legal skills in preliminary that you just wouldn't have the time to develop if you only did the HSC  · beginning teachers and experienced teachers who are Teaching the Preliminary Course (Year 11) in Economics or Legal Studies for the first time.

teachers who may have already taught one of these courses in the past but who need a refresher Legal and Ecs.

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Preliminary legal studies notes the legal
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HSC Legal Studies Notes