Scholastic art and writing awards winners 2015 widad

Judging is comprised on craftsmanship, use of media and writing. Learn more at artandwriting. Hindi —19 traveling exhibition, click here.

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The exhibit will feature 65 pieces of work by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Gold Award winners in all categories of 2-D and 3-D art from around the country in middle through high school. This year's exhibit will feature editorial cartoon winners for the first time.

Scholastic Art Awards. March 6, - April 10, The Museum’s annual presentation of The Scholastic Art Awards is scheduled in conjunction with The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, a national program designed to identify America’s most gifted young artists and writers.

View this year’s winners: Scholastic Art Awards. The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards National Exhibition Sunday, June 14, at National Exhibition features the top art and writing from teens across the United States, identified through the prestigious Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

Scholastic Art and Writing awards - Local students recognized for their talents take home huge honors in the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Give a year of inspiration to the most creative on your list.

Monday, the nonprofit Alliance for Young Artists and Writers announced the winners. Charlotte area schools are included in the Mid-Carolina Region and won huge accolades.

Artsmeet National Event Calendar

The Awards submissions DEADLINE for the NYC region is Tuesday, December 4. The NYC Regional Award Recipients will be announced via the NYC Blog on Friday February 1. The National Medalists will be announced via the Scholastic Arts .

Scholastic art and writing awards winners 2015 widad
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Hamilton-Wenham Fine Arts Department Scholastic Art Award Winners