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The translation resonated with the locals. Explore Building Blocks Preschool-An Early Childhood Learning Community's board " study tour to Reggio Emilia, Italy" on Pinterest.

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| See more ideas about Reggio emilia italy, Exploring and Studio. By Renato Lima de Oliveira, MIT Ph.D. Student, Political Science An interdisciplinary group of researchers, faculty, and students from MIT and Harvard traveled to Chile in December to explore innovation, technology transfer in the mining industry, and a vision for the future of cities that are impacted by the exploitation of natural resources in a study tour organized by the MIT Mining.

Mar 31,  · Uttrakhand-Jammu-Punjab-Maharashtra-Goa-Andamans-Tamil Nadu-Karnataka-Chattisgarh-Orissa-West Bengal-Jharkhand-New Delhi. ISWA Study Tour WASTE-TO-ENERGY Programme, JuneCzech Republic Austria Seminar and Technical Tour to 10 Plants in Operation Vienna Brno Zwentendorf Gmunden Lenzing Amstetten Vienna.

This event was one of many meaningful and educational events that took place during this year’s July “ Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour.”[2] Besides Seoul, the tour also visited Shanghai, Nanjing, and Harbin in China.

Racine: SC Johnson In Novemberfaculty from Columbia Business School traveled to Racine, Wisconsin to tour the headquarters and facilities of SC Johnson & Son, Inc. Learn more about the trip visiting the Photo album.

Study tour 2014
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